How to Handle a “No” emotionally

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One of the most dreaded moments for any network marketers is when you get a ‘No’ from your clients. Not only it hurts you emotionally, you lose your self-esteem and your drive to move on. How to handle a ‘No’ in an emotionally conducive manner?

1. Say “Thank you” and leave gracefully

First thing you need to do when you get a “No”- control your emotions by taking several deep breaths. Cool down before you respond or if appropriate, say “Thank you” and leave gracefully. Leave with grace and a good impression. You will not know that the next time you go back to them with a different product, they will give you a “Yes”.

2. Assess the situation objectively

When you find yourself calm enough, access the situation objectively. Take a third party’s perspective. Analyse two things: First, was it a valid or invalid rejection? If it was a valid rejection, e.g. you used the wrong choice of words / approach, make a note to change it. If wat is an invalid rejection, e.g. the client’s was having some personal issues, then forget about it. Do not accept responsibility for someone else’s behaviour. Secondly, access what kind of ‘No’ you just received. Was it a sure ‘No’, ‘No, not this time’ or a not sure ‘No’. By analysing this way you can then strategize how to deal with similar situations in the future.

3. Accept the reality.

Keep in mind that if there are people who will say yes, there will always be people who will say no. Believe it or not, in many times a rejection has nothing to do with how good you are personally, but more to do with the products or services you are offering.

4. Learn from rejection

View rejection as a form of feedback. Keep an open mind to learn from each rejection rather than closing down to any feedback. Do not get attached to the answer. Instead, think of how you could have approached the client differently. Hone your skills in areas which you are lacking. This way, you are more likely to improve to become a better network marketer.

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